Team building is a cardinal aspect to grow a business and a company. It takes courage to own responsibility and gives an edge to employees to grow as a member of the company. Success is somehow dependent on team building. For which there are proper, professional pieces of training. Those drills and exercises are the root cause of involving everyone in one activity.

Team building activities can be carried out in a number of ways – through the help of minute to win it games and some common training. Here, in this article, we have discussed five games which don’t require a lot of time.

What do you need to execute minute to win it games for adults?

Primarily, it is about teams and competing with each other. So, naturally, we have to have two or more than two teams. For the record, teams could have three or more participants.

Materials and props are the second most important items to have to execute games. For that, you can use anything and everything – rubber bands, toilet paper rims, balloons, coins, mugs, empty coke bottles or cans, and etc.

The third thing which you must have is a set of rules. Without rules, nothing makes much sense. Points and rewards should never be ignored as being deprived of it will lead to lack of motivation.

Minute to win it games for team building:

Let’s discuss five games which are played for team building in companies, enterprises, and small businesses.

  1. Bouncer Exercise:

Like any other game, this one is also fixated to achieve a target: hit the goal. You will need glasses and ping pong balls to play this game. Rules are very simple and mentioned below:

  • Team members get chances to turn wise.
  • They have to bounce balls in the glasses and reach a set number of glasses.
  • However, they have to make sure that balls do not bounce on other team’s glasses.
  • The team which has one glass left in the end loses. Whereas, the other team wins.

The bouncing game is quite easy, fun, and low on cost. Setup of glasses must bear team’s name so that it becomes easier to determine about the knockouts.

  1. Penny Hose Drilling:

This is a funny yet happening sort of minute to win it the game. All you need to have are coins. People in the team will do the following to achieve the objective: to coordinate with team members. It builds the sense of responsibility for the team. Following is the way to play this game:

  • A penny has to be dropped inside pants or tights.
  • You are not allowed to touch pennies by stretching them.
  • Instead, you can use one hand to use help take coins out from the bottom of pants or tights.

Penny hose exercise is best for mature adults who can follow rules and play alongside.

  1. Anxiety Separation Game:

Classifying and separating colored beans, buttons, or M&Ms are some variations of this game. You need to do the following steps to participate in the game:

  • First of all, you have to have many buttons or M&Ms.
  • Keeping different bowls for each color is the second step.
  • The third is to separate each kind in different bowls.
  • Ones who finish it beans collection in bowls will be taken as the winner.

The purpose of this game, however, is to combat anxiety, stress, and depression.

  1. Dizzy Mummy Exercise:

Dizzy mummy is another minute to win it the game. It is equally good for adults and the younger lot. But, yes! It comes as the best one for those who are adults and want to play it for team building in a corporate sector. Steps that have to be taken to play this game are mentioned below:

  • Close your fists.
  • Unroll toilet paper till it is all empty.
  • You will be considered out of the game if toilet paper rips or tears apart.

This is a hilarious game and can be the source of laughter, getting to know people, and is considered as one of the best games to begin the training.

  1. Facing Cookie Exercise:

Facing cookie is yet another fun-filled and exciting game. Typically, it is played in the corporate sector to bring harmony and team building. Following is how you can play this game:

  • Player or the participant sits on the chair.
  • Cookies plate is placed right beside the chair.
  • He or she put one cookie on the forehead.
  • Then, the player tries to bring it towards the mouth to eat. He or she is not allowed to use hands. Instead, they have to utilize facial expressions.

This game tells the importance of facial expressions, a necessary element in a corporate world.

Conclusion – last verdict:

All in all, minute to win it games are custodians of bringing people together. Games mentioned in this article are some ways to deal with corporate and adults in an office environment. However, these are only five of the best games which are easy, affordable, enjoyable, and objective based. But that doesn’t mean that there are no other games which could be played in same time duration. Having said so, it is clear that these games are based on realities – time that can easily be allocated without