Minute to Win It Games for Adults : It was a popular game show on NBC: the contestants were given one minute to complete a task or a challenge. Sometimes silly, sometimes challenging, many times, the show was so fun that people started throwing their own “Minute to Win It” parties. With just a little effort and some supplies, you can participate in the fun with your own group.

Defy gravity:

With just one hand, each player must prevent two balloons from touching the ground for one minute. For a more challenging game, increase the amount to three balloons per player (and use balloons of different colors for each player to make it easier to differentiate them). Without holding balloons!

Thread it:

Have the contestants tap as many needles as they can in a minute. This sounds simple, but the game can be very frustrating and competitive.

Cookie Monster:

Each player places a cookie on his forehead, and the goal is to introduce the cookie into his mouth using only the facial muscles in less than a minute. Without hands. This is more difficult than it looks!

Penny for Your Thoughts:

Players must stack 25 cents in less than a minute with just one hand. This game works well with three players competing in each game round.


Some people like to eat them whole, others like to screw the top and eat them in parts. But how are you going to stack Oreos? Look how many you can accumulate in a minute without the tower of goodness collapsing.

Suck It Up :

Players put a straw in their mouth and use suction to transfer a bunch of 25 M & M from one dish to another in less than a minute. Only one hand can be used to hold the straw. Everyone can eat their sweets when the round is over!

Do you want a spoon?

Using just one spoon in your mouth, transfer as many ping pong balls as you can from one container to another. Without hands! Hands are only allowed if you release the ping pong ball, and then they can be used to place the ball back in the original container for another transfer attempt.

I’m a Spooner Egg-cellent:

Put a notch on it and replace the ping pong balls with eggs. Using only a spoon, players carry an egg from one end of the room to the other. Cross the room as many times as you can in a minute.

Water Pong:

Try a variation of the game only for adults. Fill the plastic cups with water and place at least six on the opposite end of the table. Throw ping-pong balls in order to land in the cups (without rimming). The winner is the person who sinks the most shots in a minute.

Stuff it!

Buy bags of big swollen marshmallows and have the contestants take everything they can in their mouth in a minute. Ask them to recite something funny later!

State of affairs:

Have the contestants name as many state capitals in 60 seconds as they can. You can do this competition with oral or written answers.

Volcanic Eruption:

Combining a peppermint with a soft drink has long been a fun scientific experiment and can now be a fun Minute to Win It game. Drop a mint into the opening of a soda bottle from on high … and wait The explosion. The fastest explosion wins!

The pyramid game:

Stack the red cups in a pyramid and then undo the pile without it collapsing. Add an additional challenge by asking participants to stack with one hand.

Spray Off –

This game tries to stay cool when under pressure. Players will receive a spray bottle filled with water, and the goal is to guide a floating balloon to a trash can using only the sprayer. If the balloon touches the ground, they have to start over.

Rice dish:

Use the chopsticks to transfer as much rice as possible from one container to another with one hand. (Hint: use raw rice so that the texture makes the rice difficult to handle).

Name Dropper:

Contestants must name as many celebrities as they can in 60 seconds. Make it more difficult to include specific categories (female rock stars, talk show hosts or athletes).

Mr. President:

Name as many presidents of the United States. UU As you can in 60 seconds. It sounds easy. Until you have to do it.

Chain Reaction:

Have players name as many brands (or chain stores) as they can in a minute. Take it to the next level with specific industries: athletic brands, hamburger restaurants, furniture stores, etc.

Who is your lucky charm?

Using a multicolored cereal box, separate the “amulets” into their individual categories. The person who separates more cereal in a minute wins.

That’s a wrap!

Wrapping a gift well is a true art. Unless you have only 60 seconds. Have the contestants wrap as many presents as possible.

Roll the dice:

Give each contestant a pair of dice and assign someone to help you. The participants will roll the dice as many times as they can in one minute, while the partner adds the total of each roll. The highest combined total wins!

Pieces of the puzzle:

cut a cardboard box of cereal into square pieces like a puzzle. See who can reassemble the box better in less than a minute. The winner is the person who completes the task within one minute or who is closer after one minute.

Unstack it:

use the popular Jenga game for this challenge. See who can remove as many pieces of the Jenga tower in a minute, while keeping the stack up!

Swish, Swish

Do you have an athletic group? See who can shoot more shots in a minute. The turn? Each time the contestant successfully hits a shot, she has to step back to the next.

Balance the budget:

This is for all geeks or mathematics accountants. Give each participant the same word problem that describes a person’s income and expenses habits, including regular bills and discretionary expenses. See who can find out first if the person has a balanced budget or if they are spending too much. In addition, they have to discover the margin!

Name That Tune

Plays fragments of five seconds of 12 songs (totaling one minute). Have the participants write the songs they think they have just heard. The winner is the most correct person!

Piles of kisses:

How skilled is your group? The contestants will compete to see who can develop more Hershey Kisses in a minute. One advantage: you can eat the treats later or place them in a plastic Ziploc bag to save for a baking project. Just make sure the contestants wash their hands first!

Time tables:

it’s time to go back to school for your audience. Print multiplication or division sheets from the old school (those that come with 100 problems). See who can respond more correctly in a minute! Bragging rights are at stake.

Lego builders:

print some instructions for a simple Lego project. See who can complete it first in less than a minute.

Interview time:

divide in pairs and give each person the opportunity to interview the other for a minute, taking notes. The winner of the challenge is the person who can recite most of the facts about the other person after the interview. For example, hometown, favorite drink, job title, etc.

The Minute to Win it games are a fun icebreaker that can bring your group closer, be it a reading club, a small group or an intramural sports team. You will be well on your way to get to know us with these ideas.