5 WoW Leveling Tips that doesn’t Take Long

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The leveling guides in World of Warcraft are not just a figment. He’s really there, guiding you so that your leveling doesn’t take long. No need to spend money to get a fast leveling way.

Talking about leveling, some people feel bored or don’t even want to play World of Warcraft unless the character is max level so they can quickly feel the sensation of Battleground, Arena or Raid. Even if we learn, the quests in the MMORPG game have their own charm from other games.

There are so many benefits that we will feel from leveling. From leveling we know that the world of world of warcraft is full of mystery, magic, and endless adventures. Or from leveling you will find interesting things from the storyline of the quest that is given that can make you dumbfounded or laugh. From leveling you will also find your feeling playing the character you are playing.

There is a good advice from my friend he said: “Leveling is important to know our character”.

So, what are the tips for leveling so fast so that it doesn’t take a long time?

1. Heirloom

Heirloom is equipped with orange color that can increase XP when killing monsters, and when completing quests. Equip is interesting and you must have for those of you who want fast leveling. How can it be unattractive? You only need to use heirloom from the initial level to level 80 (Free version) because the status will vary according to your level.

For example, when you are level 1 you use a two-hand Ax, then the status is 1 strength, 2 stamina and 1 critical strike rating. But when you are level 70 then the status changes according to your level to become 47 strength, 70 stamina, and 47 critical strike rating.

Tips: When you finish determining your fax, race and nick and starting to do quests, you should ask for a summon or HGWT (Have Group Will Travel) first to Orgrimmar or Stormwind to buy the heirloom provided by GM and of course look for free ones. Because the payer needs a reputation to use it.

For Alliance meet Edlan Halsing in Stormwind City, and for Horde meet Rogoc at Orgimmar.

After buying the heirloom? type .unstuck to return to where you came from to start the quest. but there is one more thing you need to do..

2. Fast Track

What is Fast Track? Fast Track is a Guild Skill which is quite useful to help you level up. What’s this for?

Fast Track level 2 “Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%”.

Fast Track level 6 “Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 10%”.

So what do I do? Look for guilds at least level 2 to get the Fast Track function. If you get a level 25 guild then it’s better because the benefits you get are of course more. For example, HGWT (Have Group Will Travel) to summon your friends who are one party or reinforce who can withstand the destruction of your equipment when you die.

After you get a guild that has Fast Track skills, start doing quests and enjoy the storyline.

3. Eleven Thousand

Eleven thousand ? What does it mean? Maybe this is not really important, but it can help you avoid “Stuck” while leveling a little. Before you start leveling, look for eleven thousand gold! WoW .. why so many?

Eleven thousand gold is your total expenditure when leveling. To learn skills, learn flying mounts, free banks, repair, buy food and drinks etc. Isn’t it better for you to prepare eleven thousand gold in advance for your smooth leveling?

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4. Timing and Accurate Time

What do you mean, free and appropriate time? ahem .. this actually takes advantage of the heirloom function. You know ? that you are only welcome to use heirloom from level 1 – 80. after 80 your equipment heirloom will automatically disappear when you log out.

So what should I do? Here’s soub. when you reach level 79, think about it first. Do you have enough time to continue leveling up to level 85? Is the server in good health (not lagging, or under repair)?

If you have both, time and server health, then all you have to do is NEVER LOGOUT UNTIL YOU REACH 85. However, if you are not sure if you want to continue leveling. Do re-login / relog when you reach 79 .. Never think of continuing to leveling ever think of continuing to leveling.

5. Dual Tab

For those of you who want to enjoy quests in World of Warcraft, you don’t need to practice this direction, because this direction is for those who want to max level quickly.

Dual Tab? open 2 WoW? Farm level? Maybe .. but not from level 1. Why not from level 1, then from what level?

Don’t ever start Dual Tab from level 1, because it actually takes a long time for your leveling and causes your eyes to get dizzy because you have to switch tabs. My advice is to start at level 80. Why?

Come to think of it, when you reach level 80. Your HP is only around 10,000, and monster HP is around 30,000. Meanwhile, your damage is not much to beat the monster. Not to mention that the monster’s friends will also attack you. Huh .. took a long time to beat them.

So my suggestion is to dual tab and log your alternative char to help your little character level on Mount Hyjal.